Thursday, August 4, 2011

Capital manufacturing status update

Two weeks ago, in my previous post on the subject, I said that I was starting to do capital manufacturing and that it was only partially set up. Today it's still only partially set up, but a lot more so.

The manufacturing alt corp is up and running, and soon most of my manufacturing and research jobs will be installed on behalf of the corp.

In July I finished two build runs (a 'run' being an instance of me buying minerals and moving them to the building station, and 'finished' happening when the ships built from those minerals are sold), for a total of 4 ships, and currently I have five runs in various stages of completion for a total of 13 ships: 7 carriers, 2 rorquals, 3 freighters and a dreadnaught.

Build progress

Ideally one would like to have all ship blueprints in production at all times, but at the moment I'm experiencing component bottlenecks with drone bays and cargo bays, having only one researched blueprint of each. A second original blueprint of each of those each will be finishing research in the next 12 hours, though, so hopefully this issue will be under control soon.

I'm now starting dreadnaught manufacturing, as my siege array and turret hardpoint blueprints finished research a few hours ago (launcher hardpoint is finishing tomorrow), and I plan to pick up minerals for another dread or two later today. Unlike the other capitals I do not have BPO for dreads, and this is okay because highly researched dreadnaught BPC are pretty cheap. The dreadnaught market is sort of peculiar -- they mostly have good margins, but they sell very slowly. In some cases, like the naglfar, if I already have one on the market I can sell straight to buy orders, but in others (phoenix) the buy orders are actually lower than the mineral cost.

Also, I lack a fenrir BPO. I suppose it isn't surprising they aren't being sold much, since there are decent margins on freighters at the moment. I'll just have to wait for one to show up at a reasonable price.

Finally, in terms of me always being right, in my monthly financial report poast three days ago I asserted that I would be making more per month than the 450 mil I made in July. So far this month I have made 50% more.


  1. So the real question is did you get a windows?

  2. Aaugh!

    Okay I give up. What does this mean?

  3. Bah damn phone. Did you drop Linux for windows? Some of your other screenshots show a windows taskbar.

  4. Oh.

    I dropped a graphics card in my work machine so I can do industry stuff whilst working. Turns out that's all I need to play these days, so I moved my spreadsheets over and now it's my eve machine.