Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Monthly financial report (august)


Number of ships sold: Only runs (which for my purposes may consist of multiple ships) which are complete appear on the report. This means that if a ship has been sold, but another ship in the same run hasn't been sold, the sold ship does not appear here. I sold 7 ships this month which do not appear on the report.

When the last ship from a run sells, I delete its' entries from my tables of manufacturing run mineral values and partial-run sold ships. This results in my total net worth figure increasing by the difference between the jita price of the minerals for the run and what I actually spent. At that time I also move the run to the monthly section of the spreadsheet.

Manufacturing liquidity figure: This is fun to calculate because of the issue with partial runs -- with multi-ship runs I don't know how much each ship costs, only the run as a whole. What I do in this case is calculate the jita price of the minerals for the ships in a run at the time I bought them (usually slightly more than I actually spend on the minerals, thanks to buy orders), and when a ship from a partial run is sold I subtract the jita mineral price from the manufacturing liquidity figure. This is subtracted from the total value of active runs (currently 19321 million) and divided by 1000 to find the manufacturing liquidity figure of 14.99 billion.

Overhead: A nontrivial portion of the taxes and fees figure are the result of my using buy orders to get minerals. It saves money overall, but the taxes from buy orders are lumped under overhead rather than being included in the build cost. So, like, the taxes and fees number is partially offset by larger margins in the manufacturing section.

Things which are not related to science and industry moneymaking do not appear on the monthly numbers section, so if I buy too many timecards and pretty dresses my net worth could actually decrease month-over-month. It could also increase more than ([monthly profit] - [2 timecards]) from sales of assets stuck in 0.0, mission running if I ran missions, that sort of thing.

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