Thursday, August 18, 2011

Moar spreadsheets

My per-run-component-progress-spreadsheet-tool-thing (shown below) is good for keeping track of the progress of capital ship building runs.

Klikkin ter expander
(pictured here without color key)

However, it's not very good at all for telling me what ships I should be building components for next. Ideally one would like to have the components for the next run of a ship finish building before the hull from the previous run finishes, allowing one to keep the hull blueprint in manufacturing at all times. So I made another tool to track the status of blueprints.

In one or two previous posts I had talked about how I might be starting to get ahead of the curve on finishing components before the hull blueprints became available, and here you can (sorta, if you squint) see the actual status of this. EDIT: Basically, dark blue cells are where I'm winning. With two drone bay blueprints I can build drone bays for all 4 carriers in about 6 days, so I am quickly getting ahead of carrier builds (with the exception of an extremely unfortunate thanatos from build 5, which is a long story), but freighters are still lagging because I only have one construction parts blueprint in jita -- it takes 5 to 8 days to build the construction parts for one freighter, but only 10-ish days to build a freighter. Thus, it takes up to 24 days to build the construction parts for three freighters, which would be enough time to build 7-1/2-ish freighters if my three hull blueprints were fully utilized. I'm going to have to do the math on buying components from the market to fill in until my second construction parts blueprint for jita finishes research.

(Idea: Orcas require 7 types of components to build, but construction parts and cargo bays, which I already have the blueprints for in jita, comprise 2/3 of the components used. Instead of spending 5-ish bil and months of research on the other 5 blueprints, I could just get the other components from the market. If the price is right.)

Note that on this tool, when a 'get mins' magenta colored box has a date in it, that means I can leave off starting to build the components until that date, for whatever reason. In the case of the chimera, the drone bay blueprints, which are the longest part of a carrier build, won't be available until the 21st, so I don't need to get started on that yet; plus I'll want to pick up minerals for some other ships at the same time (thanatos, archon and probably two rorqual). In the case of the charon I need to wait for construction parts for the obelisk to finish (1 day left) and then do construction parts for the providence (another 5-8 days), and it will be trivial to have the rest of the components finished before the construction parts blueprint is finally ready for the charon build.

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