Thursday, August 11, 2011

Heavy industry

That's basically what's happening right now. All those are set to finish in the next 10 days.

My goal should be to have all ship blueprints in production at all times, and at the moment I'm pretty close -- two carrier blueprints aren't in production at the moment because things are still out of whack from when I only had one drone bay BPO. This will probably still take a few more weeks to resolve.

Dreadnaughts are proving to be interesting. I've decided that I probably won't produce phoenixes for now, because the margins just aren't very impressive. I might get into them in a few months if it turns out that my component blueprints are underutilized and if I have the spare isk (things are looking good on the spare isk front).

The naglfar is interesting. The margins look awesome from sell orders, but the volume is extremely low. I put the one I used to fly on the market about a month ago; it hasn't sold, and there are about five other people selling them and pricing their order to lowest on market multiple times per day. On the other hand, selling straight to buy orders I would make about 148 mil -- as much as selling a phoenix via sell order, and with less taxes. If my component blueprints are indeed underutilized, this will probably be my first option.

Not pictured are research jobs, freighters and freighter components. Freighters are currently in a similar state to carriers, with two out of three hull blueprints not in manufacturing at the moment. It takes about 10 days to build a freighter, and about 10 days to build the cargo bays for a freighter using one blueprint, and in about a month I'll have a 1:1 ratio of cargo bay to freighter blueprints, so this too should resolve.


  1. Hello dude, nice to see this blog about EVE.

    I have a char since 2007 but only played like 2 months every year, this time I'm around for more time.

    Just commenting to incentivate more interesting posts.


  2. How often do you have to update your prices due to undercutting?

  3. I wanna be like you damnit!
    Currently got the thanatos, the moros and the naglfar BPO's, saving up for component bpo's while I research the caps.

    stumbled upon your blog earlier today, read most of it today :D

    BFF :)

  4. ...since I stopped posting about pvp and 0.0 I've been getting so many more comments >_<

    @Pietro: Blaggers always love feedback ^^

    If you need information or a hand with something, feel free to give me a call. I've added the name of one of my indy alts to the contact page.

    @Chigy: Usually I just set my orders to lowest on market when I log in a character that has one open; and I usually log in characters about once per day.

    Other than the naglfar, I haven't had trouble selling anything. The other capitals have all sold within a week, usually during the weekend.

    @Tira: I think everybody could stand to be more like me.

    That's an interesting blueprint selection. I can't really vouch for the moros yet, but the buy orders for the naglfar have been increasing slowly. At the moment a nag costs 1150m to build (me5) and there are buy orders at 1400, which is a pretty darned solid profit margin. If I had a nag bpo I would have started a run to sell to buy orders, instead of starting revelation (nag BPC cost more than other dread bpc).