Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Depressing blog meme: Days logged in

The eve server keeps track of how long you've played on each account. It can be retrieved thusly:

EDIT: There is an easier way:


Where underscores are replaced by your API key ID and code respectively. 'logonMinutes' is the relevant data field.

My highest active account has 243 days since 10/2008. My first account (currently lapsed) started 10/2007, but I have reason to believe this one has more time on it.

Alternate method below

  1. Quit eve
  2. Go to the eve directory
  3. Start logserver.exe
  4. Go to file->new workspace
  5. Start eve and log in to the account you want to check.
  6. In the log server, go to edit->find, toggle the 'search up' radio button and search for the term 'charUnboundMgr'
  7. This message will probably be split across two log entries, and be above a message starting with a yellow circle with an exclamation point in it.
  8. Read along the entry until you see 'None, None, None, None'. The number just previous to that is the number of minutes you have logged in on that account. Take that number, divide it by 60, and divide that by 24 to find days played.
  9. Note: Exiting the log server before the client will cause the client to crash.

EDIT: With some people trying this it looks like we're getting variable results. Keep in mind that the 'charunboundmgr' message is split across two lines in the log server. If you can't find the four nones, the message also contains two fields which are either 'true' or 'false', and the number is immediately after the second one. In the screenshot, the message split before the 'e' of the second one.


  1. Bucky has logged 133,877 minutes since I started in Mar 09. That's 2231 hours or nearly 93 days.

  2. Cecil has 144,584 minutes since Dec 09. 2409 hours, or 100 days.

  3. Anonymous has 13,371,337 minutes since I started which translates to fucking awesome!

  4. That might be the wrong field, but the odds of that number occurring naturally are 10 million to 1~

  5. There used to be an in game command to get this information. Not sure if it still works or what it was.

  6. 163,282 minutes or 113 days. Forever alone

  7. 108 days . So much time and i'm still under 5 bil . Recent plex prices has a thing to do with that though... But the game seems to be a little healthyer compared to the last spring

  8. Also, if you use EveHQ with a full api (I'm sure it works on more limited, but i have not tested), There is a way to see this number under the "Pilot Information" tab by looking in the lower left under "Account Information". It will tell you how many times you've logged in and for how many hours/minutes

  9. 241 days for me thats 5792hrs. All I can say is wow I need a life.