Saturday, October 6, 2012

Industry and science update


The transition from a 30 to a 50 slot process, and from 4 ships per run to 10, has been much easier than I expected. It has still been a very little bit rough because adding so many ship blueprints at once temporarily exceeded my (and my station's) ability to produce components, so some hull blueprints have been dropping out of production briefly, but this is sorting itself out.

I'm moving my fourth rorqual blueprint over to research. I hadn't planned for 4, and it was causing me to need more of some components than I could produce. This also means that my three remaining rorqual blueprints have the same material level, which makes things easier. The plan for now is to wait until things stabilize, see how many manufacturing slots I have going spare, and then add ship blueprints if I can.

I'm thinking of switching one of my two revelation blueprints for a third moros blueprint. The average margins on them are higher, and they sometimes spike very high, while revelations don't.

My fifth manufacturing character is mostly finished training, and I now have the ability to keep (almost) all of my blueprints in production simultaneously.


I mentioned a few weeks back that my next two investments will be to buy another set of capital hull blueprints, to very-highly research and replace my current set with; and to fill my remaining research slots with capital component blueprints  to research and sell.

I'm doing the second one first, because it earns more and because it starts paying off faster. I'm buying new blueprints to research with any spare isk I have left after buying minerals for a new run of ships, and this seems to be coming out to three new component blueprints for each new 10 ship run. Currently 28 of my 53 (current) research slots are still empty.

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