Sunday, October 28, 2012

Science and industry update


Back here I said my next two projects are filling my research slots with component blueprints to sell, and hull blueprints to highly research and then replace my current set with. One of my supercarrier BPO sold, which hurried this along, and at the time of writing I have 12 research slots available (out of 61), which is the same number I need to finish my set of replacement hull blueprints. Thus, I am switching to buying replacement hull blueprints. These will run me 15 billion, which should take a month or two.


Nothing to report.

New project rumination:


I have 10 manufacturing slots that I'm not using, and I should probably do something with them. I note that freighter hulls have had excellent margins lately, and with 10 manufacturing slots I could build on 3 hull blueprints. However, those margins seem to be shrinking. I'll have to watch what they do in the medium term.

I could also use these slots for mineral compression. There is a 50% refining station in my building system, and compressing minerals could  save me an hour or two per week. Probably going to go this route, though it will take a little research


Of course, trade is where the real money is. It's not really my thing, though; I don't like adjusting market orders. I've been thinking of getting into a less competitive area, like stocking nullsec NPC systems or faction war systems. It probably won't actually happen, but I might eventually get around to doing some market research or something.


  1. I've been watching freighter prices too. The profits on freighters were around +1% last winter, so I ignored them. I think the main reason they've gone up is the recent waves of freighter ganking. As freighter ganking goes, so goes the freighter building business.

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