Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Miner bumping

Decided to give this "miner bumping" thing a try.

Marxus Meridius > Lmfao, really man? What a fucking loser, I could think of so many better uses for a machariel than bumping miners.
(it's okay though -- his OTHER account is running sites in a c4)
bojangles monty > what is ur fuking problem ?

Sato noKayte > hmm
Sato noKayte > i'm write a patition

yanshi > WTF!
yanshi > why r u bumping me?
yanshi > i'm going to report u.
yanshi > fucking ashole. go die in hell.
yanshi > again? YO. STOP IT
yanshi > go die in hell.
yanshi > u fucking griever.
yanshi > go boing ur mother.

It works.


  1. Remember that the guy who started that only avoided sanctions because he managed to prove that it was not purely done to harass people, but in the wider picture of establishing something else.

    If it's done to harass people it's still sanctionnable, so better have that speech ready, or GMs have gotten lazy which is also possible :)

  2. Well if was done non repeadedly and just for investigating the response this is acceptable imo . I woudn't mind beeing bumped once or twice - but if he had spent the entire day preventing me to mine i would petition it (without much hopes - afk cloakers do this to entire solar systems and is a accepted behaviour ).

    Have you seen the mining titan ? I think it was something done long time for lulz and some guy backstabbed him anyway i think the one who betrayed him lost more than the titan guy . Both are reds to me so i'm not biased.

  3. I have two or three semi-reasonable excuses ready.

    1. I'm testing the feasibility of interdicting ice without using ganks. This one only makes sense for the first few days I guess.
    2. I trade isotopes, and I want to drive their prices up. Really true. Realistically I can't change the price much on my own, but I suppose every bit helps. James isn't exactly making huge profits off his targets either.
    3. I build capital ships, and minerals are expensive! I want people to stop mining ice and switch to mining more. Not entirely true, since higher mineral prices translate to larger margins... although if they were to drop, it would free up a bunch of liquidity which I have uses for.

  4. I've often pondered if bumping works when the miner has 'keep at range' option clicked. I'm guessing the mac has enough mass to bump the miner out of laser range, regardless.

  5. The folks at minerbumping.com work mostly in Halaima and Kino use MWD stabbers and can bump an exhumer around 40-60km in a single bump. Keep at range will attempt to move the ship back but will be bumped off grid by multiple bumps if necessary. Petitions will no longer work even when bumped repeatedly for hours. GMs now say this is a "valid strategic PVP option" that is not considered harassment and is in no way against EULA. The bumpers now take great joy from getting threatened with petitions and use it as evidence of miner frustration and tears. So no need for excuses, just bump away!

    I have had good success using a MWD skiff in a 2500k orbit, only getting bumped out of range once ever. They get mostly misses and glancing blows that allow my ship to stay within 15km of the roid. But they tend to work in groups of 4 or more sometimes which makes it near impossible to stay in mining range without manual piloting. They are combating AFK mining so I guess they still win.

  6. Yeah, I read that after trying the mach and switched to a 100mn stabber. It has its downsides, but the much larger bump you deliver is totally worth it.

    Any moving target seems to be pretty hard to hit, though I am very new at this. At one point I was able to bump somebody sitting right on a roid - making a sideways approach impossible - directly into a roid such that they rebounded, allowing me to make a second run and bump them out of laser range.

    Thanks for the petition clarification.


  8. AFK mining and Botting isn't acceptable - I have mined, and wish CCP made something more interesting of it so you stop wishing getting up the seat and leave it afk doing the rock-laser-hitting - like the data-relic mini games, mining should be something similar, a a mini game.

    I think bumping for: getting a reaction, lolz or checking if its afk is totally acceptable - however, bumping for hours... harassing, that step to far.

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