Tuesday, January 15, 2013

An comment reply

Regarding why capital ship prices have gone to shit. Figured this deserved its own post.

>Is it increased competition or like Anonymous above might have attributed to with new players in the Capital Manufacturing market place?

It's possible, but I haven't really noticed anything tangible in this regard. It could be that the new builders are doing it in faction war zones (which the forge isn't) and faction war types are buying ships there instead of coming to forge.

>Has something changed in Null Sec to make the demand for some the Capital Ships no longer as much in demand?

This would be my bet. It has been my observation that higher demand for capial ships usually happens when there are wars on, and over the last few months the only "wars" have been more like police actions. I would bet that a real nullsec war would cause things to pick up.

However, the exception to this rule is rorquals, demand for which rises when there aren't wars on. And roqual prices have crashed. This is worrisome.

>Do you believe that the publishing of the series of How to Guides for Capital Ship Manufacturing have played some role in the process of attracting new players into the arena as well that may now be affecting your own profits?

That I know about I have inspired half a dozen people to start building, but I very much doubt my posts could have a measurable impact on the overall market. I personally represent (IIRC) slightly less than 5% of the forge market.  Forge is only one region, most builders have smaller operations than I do, and most people who try to start capital production give up after their first ship.

Though, I am the second search result for "eve build capial ship".

tl;dr I have no idea.


  1. Looks to me like you're the first two.


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