Friday, January 18, 2013

Isk per effort: Capital manufacturing (with mineral compression)

I did this a while back. Now I'm re-doing it with mineral compression and a larger run.

The standards used to track time are basically the same, but simplified: Only time actually spent interacting with the client (or my spreadsheets) counts toward the total.

This means that time spent in warp does not count.  This might seem strange, but it makes sense when trying to calculate isk per effort rather than isk per hour. I will also make an estimate as to the isk per hour, just for reference.
This time I have attempted to itemize the time spent:

Initial spreadsheeting: 4:19
Buying minerals: 5:13
Moving minerals to compression station: 1:48
Setting up compression runs: 4:32
Delivering compressed minerals, moving to lowsec, decompressing, and moving to building station: 13:24
Installing component runs: 7:54
Installing ships runs: 2:50
Delivering and selling ships: 5:00
Total time: 45 minutes.
  • Note: Some numbers are based on good estimates rather than actual stopwatch time.
  • Note: All 10 minutes the cyno was up were counted toward the total because I couldn't work on my second monitor during that time. This may be revised in the future.

I used run 109 (2 rorquals, 2 chimeras, 2 thanatos, 2 archon, 2 moros) to generate these numbers, and rather than waiting for the ships to actually sell I used today's hull price numbers to calculate my profits. This came out to a profit of 2,096 million, or 13%.

This is a shitty margin for capital manufacturing, but it still comes out to 2.8 billion per hour of effort (compared to 1.1 billion before mineral compression). If profits come back up to 30%, isk per hour of effort could exceed 6 billion.

Estimating isk per hour, I get a total time elapsed of about 1 hour 50 minutes (this may be revised in the future). This comes to 1.1 billion isk per hour (2.5 billion at 30% profit). However, do note that most capital builders reprocess in the same station in which they build. If I could do that, this estimate would be approximately 50% higher.

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