Friday, January 4, 2013

December-ish monthly financial report

December was the worst month for capital manufacturing that I can remember. Low demand resulted in prices of practically everything collapsing while at the same time ship hulls built up in my hangar instead of selling, and I have had to put a hold on 4 hull blueprints. At the same time mineral prices rose by about 14%, squeezing profit margins from both directions. At the time of writing it looks like hull prices are increasing to match minerals, and minerals have just dropped back down by 8%, but the market could really use a good war.

My change in net worth figure this month is very low for those reasons (many of the ships shown actually sold last month, fewer ships carried because of slow sales, and the ones that did sell had worse margins), and also because putting this report out a few days late means I bought 4 plex this reporting period instead of 2 like usual.


  1. Hm, I am wondering whether it's worth getting into Capital production, but my projected earnings are much lower than yours. For 10 hull run my forecasted profit would be ~2.5bil (average 12% margin) while yours is almost twice as much.

    You do get your minerals from Jita buy orders, don't you?

    1. Yes. When I get asked this it usually turns out that people are using ME0 for their component blueprints, which will drop profits by 10%.

      Other causes could include building ships which are not profitable (e.g. phoenix, naglfar, currently nidhoggur and revelation) or using some sort of market average instead of jita buy price.

    2. I was using sell prices for estimation, changing to buy orders increase profitability somewhat. Guess will have to try in practice.

      Currently I am in T2 ship manufacturing, it's slightly more profitable than capitals but needs more babysitting.