Monday, January 18, 2010

Evacuation status: Sufficiently complete

Nearly all my important assets are in lowsec at this point, for a total of about 15 combat ships, 2 capitals and a number of plexing/mining ships. Left behind were a pair of hulks, a poorly-fitted ratting battleship, a bunch of mods and a crapload of industry stuff (maybe half a dozen unfitted battleships I had built and probably over a billion isk worth of mins) that I can sell later without docking in the event that we don't come back to geminate.

Sadly, I got a carrier doomsdayed in the process (no, I did NOT jump to a cyno gen or use a jb). Fortunately, it was fully insured, not carrying anything expensive and the ship maintenance bay was empty; unfortunately, it had two cap mods and some fighters I forgot to remove before leaving lowsec. It's chill, though; what you learn from dying horribly is always worth the isk loss.

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