Friday, January 8, 2010

Even more y8r

We had a formup today right after downtime with the usual alliances from the NC representing, plus a couple dozen guys from Mostly Harmless. Hostiles were in system in y8r with 200 and another 100 in 04-.

We titan bridged to a deep safe and warped to the stargate/SBU, where the enemy HAC/BC force was camped, at range and engaged. I died pretty quickly (I think I aligned in the wrong direction, but it's hard to say), which is my first loss in this whole mess. Obviously, I'm quite happy about this.

After reshipping I bridged back to the system with a few dozen others. There were a few skirmishes, but nothing really noteworthy. After a few drivebys we left the field, being too outnumbered for a stand-up fight.

And now, screenshots!

Via cloaky alt before I landed

From my main before getting podded

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