Tuesday, January 5, 2010

January 4: Battle in y8r and 04-

Atlas and Solar took another poke at our space again today. Atlas dropped SBU in 04- and solar in y8r, which are adjacent station systems. We killed the one in y8r, somehow managed to titan bridge to 04- without dying horribly and ended up holding the system when they eventually decided to call it a day. Numbers in 04- were reported as 400, with 200 NC. RZR, MM and all the eastern alliances represented on our side, and Atlas and Solar, as always, were the hostiles (maybe some pets too, who knows).

People on both sides reported a fun and generally non-laggy fight. I don't have any information about kills/losses but it won't be a game-changer.

Now would you guys please attack us during the weekend? I'd like to get in on a fight every so often.

FAKE EDIT: Later that evening evening Bobby doomsdayed a friendly carrier at a pos then faked a disconnect. We scrambled ships to kill the titan and atlas hotdropped us, getting 8 capital kills. This is so awesome I don't even mind our being on the receiving end.

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