Saturday, January 9, 2010

Y8r lost

So later Friday evening there was a second formup. NC showed from various alliances for a total of about 300 subcaps. Hostiles brought 500. This is turning into a problem -- the NC getting outblobbed is new.

Anyway, there was some fighting, plenty of lag and a node crash.

Set up on the SBU waiting for the station to come out of reinforced.

Warped out in half structure, came back, got dragged by a bubble.
Right after this the node crashed and everybody got their ships back.

In the end we just didn't have enough numbers to accomplish anything and the station was lost. There have been accusations of shenannigans (CCP later admitted that the station having only 1 reinforcement timer was an exploit, but declined to do anything about it), but I think I'm going to just call this a win for the enemy on account of our not being able to do a damn thing.

Primary is the station. Target down.

As a grunt, I can think of three major issues we're having.

1: Give us targets. Calling targets over TS with 500 hostiles on the field DOES NOT WORK. We need a useful way to figure out who for our damage dealers to shoot. Sort by name works. Sort by distance works. Broadcasting works if somebody actually broadcasts.

How about sorting the fleet into 5 wings of 50 and having wing commanders broadcast to their subordinates? 50 battleships is plenty to alpha any subcap.

2: Numbers. We just don't have enough of them. I don't know what's going on in p-2, but it's obvious that this two-front war is taking its' toll on our fleets. I'm a nobody, but it seems to me that it might work better to deploy everything in one spot. Retake all assets the enemy has taken on one front, then deploy to the next trouble spot. If they did this and elected to kill Tri & co first while geminate burns, I'd be down with that... as long as the coalition - the entire coalition - came to clean up geminate when we finished in the west.

3. Bombers. Bombers don't kill things, but they force the enemy fleet off the field. We need a bomber squad.

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