Friday, January 15, 2010

Yes Virginia, geminate is burning

With the coalition focused on the tri war (even some WI are over there) there is at this point no resistance to atlas in geminate. y8r is lost and last I heard 04, k25, o2o and tde are are in the process of dying. Towers in p-e are reinforced as well.

EDIT: This is only mostly true. There have been some joint ops with razor, but it's a holding action at best; we don't have nearly enough combined numbers to put up a credible defense and it looks as though we may be staging a full-scale evacuation to support the war in Pure Blind.

The western war is proceeding apace. A capital fight is finishing up as I write this, in which we apparently did NOT kill a tri titan -- we had 8 bubbled, but they logged off and the 15 minute timer is far too short to kill many supercapitals before they disappear.

Wish we could get that sort of firepower over here; I'm working on getting high-value assets out. There's no doubt that the coalition could retake geminate in a matter of days, but they've picked Pure Blind for that type of effort. I'm still not sure why we aren't deploying there.

I'm going to go ahead and make a prediction: We'll be back.

03:02:32 Notify An outpost owned by Conflagration. has entered reinforced mode

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