Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Lottery status update

So, funny story. Last round I said that if we could get more people and/or isk that round, I would announce it more widely this round. We did, but I'm not going to do that (yet). Here's why.

The short version is that I just rewrote the lottery tool from the ground up, and need to make sure it still works. The old version worked perfectly, but it was a massive kludge. The new version does some things substantially less wrong, and is much easier to work with; but it's also a bit more complicated. I deployed the new version last night, and (~shockingly~) it was a little bumpy, so I need to make sure it works right before putting actual strangers' money into it.

The major changes are that it now uses stored refids instead of my hilarious breakcode system, which means that I can stick the winner-picking script on a cronjob instead of running it manually (yes Ryan, this is all your fault), and the addition of a configuration file so I can drag and drop new versions to the server without having to go in and change variables.

Now everybody donate generously, FOR SCIENCE

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