Thursday, March 1, 2012

February monthly financial report: Richest person I know edition

This month is significant because passing the 170 billion mark means I am now the most space-rich person I personally know. The first place spot was previously held by an old corpie who somehow ended up with 170. These days he's living in lowsec, leading a corp of newbies who came from his WoT clan.

Anyway, nothing really interesting happened this month. I was wrong about it turning into my best manufacturing month ever. It was very, very close, but a glut of phoenixes on the market slowed things down right at the end. As usual, a bit of exploration and trade income explains the gap between manufacturing income and change in net worth.

...exploration, man. Here I am running this multi-multi-billion isk manufacturing process, I go out to kill a few hours scanning and it ends up being half my income.

Mind you, I spent more hours doing exploration than the pittance it takes to keep manufacturing going.


  1. And you get all those minerals from buy orders?

  2. Yes. Unless it's cheaper to buy straight from sell orders.

  3. Im purchasing a production toon any tips on getting it up n running? What shoul i build first to get my feet wet

  4. I don't have very much good data about subcapital manufacturing. I think the last time I looked at margins on t1 subcapital stuff was before the dominion era insurance changes.

    I did pull out a spreadsheet a few days ago and it looks like there's decent money to be made in t2 production, so that could be something to look at; however, I don't actually have a t2 production chain running and can't make any guarantees.