Saturday, March 31, 2012

March monthly financial report

Notable things:
  • Net worth is now over 200 billion.
  • That thing where somebody paid me 20 billion for a rorqual.
  • New field -- 'research items' under net worth. This is for blueprints I'm researching to sell.
  • The low number of ships sold this month is because I'm holding several off the market -- three phoenixes, each of which is part of a different run. Phoenix prices dropped to mineral price, and with mineral prices rising it became a sure thing that I could make more money by waiting to sell them. Market price has risen by 140 million since then, and I'm holding out for another hundred.

Also, I finally got around to making a condensed version of the financial report. Decided not to use it this month, though,  because it's been an interesting month.

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