Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lottery update: Good news bad news edition

The bad news is, crontab is a startlingly unpredictable piece of software. I tried to disable the winner-picking script during the patch, but it ran it anyway.

The good news is, it picked a winner properly. Horay!

The bad news is, it reported the wrong isk value for the winnings. This was caused by a debug variable being set, and has been fixed. The lottery page was also fixed, but I used a calculator and a text editor for that.

The good news is, this isn't a substantial bug so we don't need to go another semi-test round. I anticipate going public this Friday, and probably switching to picking winners on Mondays, which means this will be a 6 day round.

As always, I am obliged to spam a link to the lottery page

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