Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Moon goo 2

I've been surveying moons, and the results aren't as promising as I'd like. There's an acceptable amount of stuff out there, but so far almost all of it has blue towers on.

I did find one free platinum moon, and a chromium moon owned by a 32-man neutral corp. Platinum plus chromium equals hexite, and hexite plus ceramic powder, which can be made from R0 shit that's everywhere, equals sylramic fibers. I decided to run the numbers.

The tower setup looks like this:
The ceramic powder here would come from Jita. We could produce it locally, but that would require another large tower (or maybe a small and a medium), which would cost more per month and be more work than importing.

What's that? Show you the money?
Not bad, I guess. It's one of the worse reactions, and just keeping it running would be more work than I normally put into making 1.3 billion, but I'm not doing this for personal income. I'll pitch it to the boss.


  1. A simple reactor produces enough output for 2 complex reactions.

    1. Dammit, I forgot about that. More numbers time.

  2. You would link the harvester directly to the simple reactor and put another output silo at the end istead - such doubling your maintenance window. And your profit calculations are totally wrong, I do not even understand what you were dong here. https://www.fuzzwork.co.uk/reactions/

    1. Well, check my math.

      100 units of evaporite deposits plus 100 units of silicates equals 200 units of ceramic powder. 100 units of platinum plus 100 units of chromium equals 200 units of hexite.

      100 units of ceramic powder plus 100 units of hexite equals 6000 units of sylramic fibers. We have enough to run two reactions, so that's 12000 units per hour. 12k*24*30=8,640,000 per month.

      8640000*251.78 isk/unit equals income of 2,175,379,200 per month.

      It looks like the site might be assuming you buy the materials instead of mining them.