Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Moon goo 3: Dead wrong edition

A reader pointed out that one simple reactor produces enough stuff for two complex reactors. Oops.

I have two options. One: Use the existing tower setup, produce half the sylramic fibers, sell half the hexite, and buy half as much ceramic powder. The numbers look like this:
Two: Set up a second large tower. Pay another 550m in fuel, produce my own ceramic powder, and produce all the sylramic fibers. The tower setup looks like this:
The numbers look like this:
You know, assuming I'm not wrong again.


  1. You would have to empty the silos every day or 2 with that setup. A preferable one is to use Gallentie towers but on the mining one use a large and run the 2 simple reactors there. Or a medium and buy the ceramic powder. That way you only have to move goo around twice a week.

    1. Yeah, I haven't even looked into volume yet. The silo capacity bonus would be awesome, but the way I don't see a way to get CPU below 7000

      Using another large tower, or two mediums, in place of the small looks like it would work and let me use gallente for everything, but of course that murders my fuel budget. Hm.