Saturday, February 13, 2016

Update on everything

We finally got added to evebloggers, so I guess it's time to stop being inactive. Here's what I'm working on:

1. "Get back into eve" project. I joined The Initiative, and they are actually pretty cool. Good fleets. Good FCs. Unfortunately, they only do stuff in euro time, which doesn't work for me. I'll feel bad about leaving, but there's no purpose to my being in an alliance that doesn't have US time fleets.

2. New capital guide. I took a new tack at fixing the spreadsheet, which may have actually worked. Hoping to get the test run installed today.

3. Crius research test. I only need to sell three more blueprints and I'll be able to publish results.

4. Patch speculation. When Crius came out, I bought 451 research laboratories for about 30m each. They're now worth 53m, so I've made about 10 bil on this. Unfortunately, the price increase is due almost entirely to an increase in the price of PI materials (53 is basically reprocessing price). I'm holding on to these in the hopes that they'll eventually either be made useful again (and price will increase to manufacturing price) or will be removed from the game and refunded for PI products or equivalent isk value.

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