Friday, February 17, 2012

Assistance results

I'd like to thank everybody who donated for their help. The thing I was testing is a super-simple lottery tool.

What's interesting about it is that: It's a pure isk lottery, with no items involved; any amount of isk can be donated (effectively, each 0.01 isk is one ticket); and no reason needs to be given for the donation.

I imagine this has been done before, but I've never encountered such a thing in the wild.

What I got out of the donations is two test runs (it breaks the data into runs based on me sending isk to myself with a certain reason), one to finish writing the program and the second to see if anything would go horribly wrong with a different set of data, and additional data to build an ancillary tool.

Kirith won the first program run that I'm actually sure worked corectly...
Using cygwin so I have a command line that actually works crew checking in~

And in the second test run I met my true love: "reason="DESC: bobby'); DROP TABLE Transactions;--""

There were several donations after I closed the second run, which I used to build the ancillary tool. What it does is generate a friendly HTML page every hour showing what the current jackpot is for a running lottery, and how many people are participating. It works, but I can't actually deploy it at the moment since I'm short precisely one server and cronjob.

Newai. I'm doing this just for fun, but if I can sort out a server I'll try running a lottery in case anybody's interested~

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