Friday, February 24, 2012

Hauler ganking for fun and profit

Here's the method:

You need two characters: One in a tornado set up similarly to this, and one hauler fitted with a 10 MN MWD and remote sensor boosters.

Then, you need a stargate in a pipe. Systems between jita and amarr are used a lot, but the downside is that they're used a lot. Be creative.

Sit the ganker on the gate your targets will be using to leave the system and about 30 km toward the gate that they'll be coming from. Set the hauler about 10 or 15 km from the gate.

[out gate]---10km---[hauler]---20km---[ganker]--------[in gate]

When something gankable warps in on autopilot, scan it. If it has a valuable cargo and a weak tank, kill it. Scoop the loot with your hauler and dock up to wait out the aggression timer.

Remember, kids: Positive security status is the same thing as permission to kill people in highsec.

Not particularly valuable, but extremely satisfying


  1. Obviously headed for WH space - nice catch. This was not a grief though. He was no noob. He knew the risk and was just stupid. He was totally cargo fit and his cargo was worth 13 times more than his ship. I suppose that's one way to minimize lost ISK but not the smart way. So, would you have attacked him in a DC fit Orca?

  2. He was heading in the direction of jita, so I figured maybe he was tearing down a caldari tower what with the isotope issues. Can't say for sure, of course.

    Can't gank an orca with one tornado. If I could, or if I had a gang that could take down orcas, I'd hit empty ones all day.