Friday, February 3, 2012

Good-guy capsuleer of the week

Eve-fail is proud to present our brand new series, good-guy-capsuleer of the week. In this series we will be highlighting older players who go out of their way to educate newbies on the intricacies of the eve universe.

Louis roscommon is a 2009 pilot. This honourable space warrior took time out of his busy day to visit newbie system Cistuvaert and educate 6-day-old pilot Macus sork about highsec aggression mechanics, potentially saving him from losing an expensive ship someday. A valuable lesson!

Louis hereby becomes the first recipient of the eve-fail early education grant. The grant thanks Louis for outstanding services in new player education, and awards him a taranis hull.

PS: Trolololol ^_^


  1. <3 this thing seems to have eaten your comment.

  2. Seriously, why did you give that guy a ship. It isnt even remotely funny. The new player who lost his ship whould have been much more appreciative. Eve is a harsh place, griefing new players is not helping that. It is one of the most looked-down upon activities in eve, and also one of the few bannable offenses.

    Since I started playing I have *never* been helped by another player. I know that I would have been grateful for some assistance ealy in my Eve career. Don't reward idiocy, it just makes you look like an idiot.

    1. If it's not funny then why am I laughing?

      I did it for the express purpose of trolling. You weren't the target, but I consider this bonus points.

    2. This, this. Oh, gawd, this!

      Serious bonus points for the freebie troll!

  3. There once was a new capsuleer
    Who didn't know that he should fear
    The troll who lied waiting
    With buckets for baiting
    And harvesting epic-sized tears