Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Signal boost: Troll limericks

There once was a new capsuleer
Who didn't know that he should fear
The troll who lied waiting
With buckets for baiting
And harvesting epic-sized tears

An anonymous left that in comments, and I thought it should be shared.


There once was a pilot with honor
Who learning tricks could not be bothered
One fateful morning
He clicked past a warning
And lost his T3 to a bomber

...I hereby encourage the internet to join in.


  1. One morning a miner awoke
    To find his rig gone up in smoke
    He stroked his neckbeard
    As his misty eyes cleared
    And wailed 'Damn this bot app's a joke!'

  2. I thought my hulk was epic fit
    But then griefers reduced it to shit
    My petition denied
    I then ragequit and cried
    And ran back to my dear mamma's tit

  3. A pubee who thought he was clever
    Left his macro to ice mine forever
    But the goons came and went
    Not without ammo spent
    And his epeen was terribly severed

  4. It's only fair to post one for the other side...

    A bomber squad acting discreet
    Planned to take out a whole miner fleet
    But with leader unsure
    Dropped their loads premature
    Now they're begging for ISK on the street