Tuesday, February 21, 2012

RANI pure isk lottery: Come play!

I'm running a lottery, and I think you should participate!

Thanks to a good samaritan who donated a server account, I now have the ability to run my lottery system on a production basis. To play, simply transfer any quantity of isk (0.01 isk equals one ticket) to character "Ispia Jaydrath".

You can check the current jackpot and number of bets on the lottery page. Allow up to 2 hours for new bets to appear.

My plan is to run the first round for one week.

What is it?

RANI pure isk lottery (working name -- suggestions welcome) is a lottery run using a tool I wrote. It is designed to be as simple as possible, and has the following characteristics:
  • No items are involved. The winner receives isk.
  • Any quantity of isk can be donated, and the amount donated is directly proportional to your chance of winning. Effectively, each 0.01 isk is a ticket.
  • The 'reason' field isn't used, so no isk will be lost to typos. Isk transfers from my alts are automatically ignored.
  • I am taking no profits from this (at least for now), which makes it a better investment than any other lottery.


It would be great if I became e-famous and space rich from this, but that would be getting ahead of myself -- the plan for now is just to find out if there is interest. For the first run I'm only announcing it via blog post, but if there is interest I will advertise subsequent runs to a wider community (forums/twitter/(r/eve)/whatever).


  1. 10M ISK from SonOfBraben to kickstart. If you take my stuff, it's only 10M. ;)

    good luck...



  2. Thanks.

    Yeah, my plan, if anybody asks about the possibility of me keeping their money, is to say that the solution is to donate less than they care about being stolen.

    Sounds convincing amirite~