Sunday, February 14, 2016

Thinking about moon goo

In the process of looking for something to do, one thing that came to mind was knocking over some towers so my corp could take the moons for income. Turns out, my corp doesn't have anybody doing towers.

I don't know that being a POS farmer is my calling in eve, but I decided to run the numbers. Made a spreadsheet where I can put in the moons I find and it tells me what stuff I can make. There aren't any good moon scans of curse or great wildlands available, but this is what you can make with the moons that are known to exist in those regions:
("input value" refers to the value of the base moon products)

Of course, those big shiny monthly income numbers don't include operating expenses. Exactly how much it costs to run a reaction chain depends on various things, but I would estimate that producing a complex product means spending around a billion per month on POS fuel.


  1. Get me in the corp and I'll do all the work for 40%!

    1. You'll set up a complex reaction chain for 15 mil a day? You're hired!

      That would actually be an interesting idea for a corp. Get some people together who are willing to shoot structures, ninja a few moons and share the profits. Or use them to buy everybody ships that are better at shooting structures.

    2. I find that to be very fun. I actually run around highsec and find ded corps. The I shoot the POS with 3 of my toons. Usually get like 150 mil worth of mods.

    3. Hm. If I happened to start a project (this will never happen, but if I did) should I drop you a line?

  2. Moon go is nice, an reactions better. The trouble is market prices vary a lot and you end up spending so much time taking good decisions about what to do. Those prices are controled principally by great superpowers.