Friday, February 19, 2010

Daily update and 0.0 forecast (shitstorm)

Today we formed up at 1930 after an earlier fleet got home, with the objective of hitting a reinforced tower. The destination was a system in Geminate near the NPC stations. We got a warpin on an enemy fleet, titan bridged to the system, warped, bubbled and killed everything we could. Unfortunately I fail at following target calls and only got on a few kills. Oh well; they were going down faster than my guns cycle anyway.

After this we went up to IRC space and reinforced a tower (which had NO GUNS) with a nyx building in a capital ship assembly array. We'll be coming back to kill it, which will cost them 8b, allegedly the current price of the hull.

We shot another tower a bit, but got word that there might be cap kills available and burned back to the staging system. Shortly thereafter somebody reported that IRC was posting tears on their internal forums (we have spies there, in case you hadn't guessed) and preparing to evacuate the region. Meanwhile the target capitals, 40 jumps away, heard that we were forming up and ran away.

The array of forces who want the NC dead is frankly scary, but when things like this keep happening it's hard not to overestimate the size of our epeen.

In more important news, rumor is that hostiles - I have no idea which alliances, there are so many enemies these days - are moving capitals to NPC pure blind for another offensive and IT will be attacking us in about a month. Should be interesting; I'll have to get a spare dread.

I am worried, though. IT, AAA+ROL+friends, Tri+friends, Atlas+friends and now the entire drone lands coalition are trying to kill us, not to mention the little people who live in and around our space (evoke, cry havoc, white noise, etc). That's a lot of numbers.

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