Saturday, February 13, 2010

Shooting more towers

As I write this I've been up for 40 hours. This time has been consumed with POS bashing; I keep staying awake for the next op, and they're practically nonstop. Currently there are 25 hostile towers reinforced across 3 or 4 regions.

Lazors are pretty~

The towers started coming out of reinforced, and at the end of a pos kill somewhere in the west we received word that a hostile gang of 40, with 3 carriers, was at and/or repping a pos in east Vale. We burned there and found the subcapitals still in the system, though the carriers were gone.

We started by bubbling a damaged small tower which had about a dozen targets in the shield. It was clearly unstronted because they tried to burn out of the bubbles; we caught all but a few. Shortly thereafter a sniper gang warped in at about 90. We were bubbled by our own dictors, but between excellent logistics and enough people being able to hit to that range they were driven off with a single loss on our side.

A second, battleship gang warped in at 150 km. We warped, bubbled and killed some. Another gang warped in, again at 150. Rinse and repeat. In the end we came out with maybe two dozen kills for minimal losses; it was a good way to end such an extended operation with no kills.

Then we went to Venal and shot more towers.

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