Thursday, February 11, 2010

Random update

The last few days have been more or less around-the-clock ops, scheduled and otherwise. It seems like every time I log in there's a fleet up for pos bashing, and there are 7 scheduled ops over the next two days.

I'm learning a bit about flying amarr (including that best named t1 guns are f*ing expensive). I think the apocalypse might actually be the best solution because of the range and cap use bonuses. With abaddon I have to use cap boosters to keep firing unless there's a really good fleet booster, and armageddon is even worse. Apoc can be easily fit cap stable, and the optimal range bonus means you're using higher-damage ammo than geddon and abba at the same distance; so except at very close range, ~18 km, the damage differential isn't as bad as it looks on EFT. Apoc can also hit over 80 km, while the other two stop around 50. T2 guns are a month or two out for me still.

T1 close-range apocalypse

Tri are doing ~wulfpax~ in empire these days; there doesn't seem to be a real war on, but our enemies in the area include xdeath, atlas, AAA and red overlord. The three russian alliances aren't people who have ever attacked us before, which is worrisome; with the demise of PL and goons, every space-holding entity in the galaxy wants us dead... except for CVA, and I don't think we can really look to them for support.

Random towers

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