Sunday, February 7, 2010

n5y hippie love fest

We arrived in n5y, where some towers had been reinforced the day before, with a fleet of about 170, capitals, supercapitals, short-range battleships and misc support.

Fleet and pew

Hostiles in local totaled about 100. We made short work of one tower (I discovered that an abaddon with no capacitor mods or rigs is very nearly cap stable with proper fleet boosts), subcaps warped to a second and started shooting when enemy sniping battleships warped in at 150 km. We got a quick warpin, bubbled about 8 that didn't escape and killed them. Unfortunately I had moved in the direction of the enemy fleet after landing and wasn't in warp range; by the time I got a warpin the targets were dead.

The enemy fleet ended up around the 6W gate and we got a warpin, bubbled and got a few kills; this time I got on two or three.

We switched to another tower... then got another warpin on the enemy fleet. This time we got good bubbles and a decent few kills. Landing on an enemy fleet with a larger force of close-range battleships is a heady experience; targets go down so fast that the fc is calling targets to point instead of primaries, and you just lock by range and try to get damage on as many as you can before they die.

Somehow I managed to lose a single light drone. I am still puzzled by this.

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