Saturday, February 13, 2010

Fail; and win

I woke up to find the fleet in north Venal, heading home after losing a fight against AAA in n5y. The fleet re-formed immediately after getting to the staging system and we headed out to Black Rise.

We wound up in Kehjari, with an enemy fleet of 150 reported a few jumps away. We engaged a tower that had come out of reinforced and dropped about a dozen caps. A few minutes later scouts gave word that the enemy fleet was headed in our direction.

Support and battleships set up on the gate they would be coming through; our job was to keep them from reaching the caps at any cost. Reds jumped in and local went from 200 to 400, but lag was in our favor. Nobody's guns were working, but drones got the job done - slowly - and we drove them off the gate. While this was happening the enemy hotdropped our capitals. Most escaped because their support fleet wasn't there to tackle, but we lost two dreadnaughts.

Killboard link

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