Friday, February 26, 2010

Small numbers of high-value kills

So yesterday we spent about 7 hours reinforcing somewhere in excess of 20 Ev0ke structures. Today we went back, reinforced a couple more then got intel about some hostiles.

The FC kept us in the dark about the nature of the targets until we were right on top of them. We jumped in and what did I see but Alazais, of triage video fame, in an archon and about 30 battleships including a number of faction and pirate models. Fortunately for us, somebody brought neuts.

We primaried the archon. I started taking some damage and overheated my guns, but our support saved me from half armor and we ended up with a handy win -- 2 battleships lost for archon, 2 bhaalgorn, one navy battleship and 3 battleships killed.

Battle report

Triage special -- if you haven't seen it, start downloading right now.

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