Friday, February 5, 2010

Staying alive

I've spent a few weeks in flux after my corp left WI (most of it spent cloaked in a carrier in ROIR and neutral to the NC -- to nobody's surprise, I didn't get a lot done during this time), but have recently found a place in a Razor corp. Unfortunately, the war seems to be over. Word on the street is that Tri and CO2 are evacuating, and the last tower takedown op we were calling for supercaps > caps with no support, which would never happen if there was a possibility of organized resistance.

On the eastern front I'm hearing that Atlas is going home. I'm hopeful that we'll start a campaign to retake geminate for WI, though with only 1300 players (down from a starting point of about 3200) it's very questionably whether holding that much space is really warranted. Aggressive recruiting would be an option, and I think there are a couple smaller alliances that might be interested in folding into WI. My former corp stated that they would return if WI were fighting to retake Geminate, though I don't really believe it.

In other news, CrazyKinux, whom anybody reading this will be familiar with, has added me to the blogroll. This probably means that I should make an effort to post on a regular basis; fortunately, I have actually a backlog of posts which I just haven't gotten around to publishing.

And in other other news goons are dead, long live goons. I'm not watching the situation closely, but apparently they have reformed into two new alliances which promptly declared war on each other.

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