Monday, March 8, 2010

Coalition map

Fall 2010 map here

Time to get around to posting this, since it's weeks old already. I've been out-of-game doing some real life stuff recently.

I was curious about how the alliances in the galactic south were aligned. Obviously they're all blue to each other (except for providence) but they are still grouped into blocs which have worked together closely in the past. After a small amount of research I edited the sovereignty map to add some color layers to represent existing coalitions and, in the case of the vast east-southeast-south-southwest-west blob, groups of alliances which are traditionally closer to each other.

As of the time of posting this map is already out of date. Ev0ke 's space has nearly all fallen to SOLODRAKBAN and I believe C0ven have reset systematic chaos, which probably means C0ven is no longer part of Stainwagon.

Green: Northern coalition
Blue: IT
Hot pink: Drone lands coalition
Orange: Stainwagon
Red: Southern Coalition
Whitish-tan: Ev0ke and Cry Havoc
Yellow: Providence Holders


  1. Both SE & C0ven reset SyS-k AND IT so it is only LR and Sys-K now no more StainWagon. In addition to this SE split, some joined ROL some stayed SE others sorta hanging out in C0ven space as far as I can tell

  2. Oh, that's interesting. Thanks for the details, it's hard sorting things out down there. From way back where I'm sitting it looks as though stainwagon might be splitting itself between IT and the SC, though how close the alliances involved are to those powerblocs is questionable. If/when I do a new map I'm probably not going to know what to do with them, unless maybe there's a decent war down there to coalesce things.