Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Massive cap fight aborted by node crash

I woke up today with people calling for a full-scale cap op. I got in fleet with a dread while we were still in the staging system. Word was there might be an epic cap fight in the works.

[16:53:35] Melaki > what do we need 180+ caps for^^
[16:53:53] Baeryn > If you have to ask you don't need to know

It quickly turned into the largest capital fleet I've ever seen, which is saying something. After a while we moved out and jumped. We landed on grid with what can only be described as a shitload of hostile capitals - 200-300 at a rough estimate - sieged immediately and started shooting. Lots of lag, lots of people blackscreened. Hostile capitals went down slowly, ours went down much more slowly.

After a while of grinding targets they went siege red and tried to get out. Then the node died. The kills (like a dozen of them *eyeroll*) weren't undone, but of course the hostiles didn't log back in.

According to the FC the hostiles were disorganized and hopefully lost some face today, though something like this just isn't a significant event in the grand scheme of things.

Of special note is that that toward the beginning of the fight the FC announced that Goons, PL and even Cry Havoc (very surprising to me) were heading our way to... help? Most likely at least Cry Havoc were in it to shoot everybody, but still. I had heard rumor that Goons - the NC goons, not the other ones - were asploding or something, and wasn't at all expecting PL to come all this way.

As we were about to jump out, apparently a cyno ship was tackled by some hostiles. We bubbled and hotdropped them with all the supercapitals. Amusing!



The fight

Aftermath and the fleet

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  1. I think I may have been online during your node crash. I was happily in orbit around two NPE rats at very close range when someone warped in on me. I kept an eye on the intruder, waiting for aggro, never noticing that neither I nor the NPE were getting damage. I was caught in a perpetual loop for about 10 minutes. Round and round and round and round....Then the client crashed. I was deathly afraid I was easy pickin's for my visitor, but came away unscathed.
    So, stop crashing nodes pls ;)