Sunday, March 7, 2010

How to lose a fleet to superior enemy RR

It is with greatest sadness that I must report the loss of my beloved Apocalypse 'M/R/I 15'. Also my pod.

We were shooting a Cry Havoc ihub with about 40 or 50 when they hotdropped us a bit. I think they had slightly superior numbers (also, 3.5x as many logistics - ouch).

We tried to rustle up some numbers and got a small reinforcement fleet - myself included, having been podded and reshipped to a tempest - and headed back to the target system.

One jump out we warped to the out-gate, the one that went to the destination system, and hit a bubble. The enemy fleet jumped through to us, shortly followed by the friendly fleet which was trapped in the system, and we warped back to the in-gate, then aligned back to the out-gate. We dropped remote rep carriers as the hostile fleet landed on us and were ordered to stay near them, though I somehow managed to end up moving toward the in-gate. The enemy cynoed in their own carriers plus two Nyx, and ours started going down fast. I got in jump range of the gate and possibly had time to deagress and jump, but elected instead to shoot dictors in hopes of saving our capitals (it didn't work).

After getting popped, crashing and relogging

Killboard link - 12 billion lost for 0.25 billion killed.

Gf cry havoc. You guys are awesome.

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