Thursday, March 18, 2010

Finally, supercap kills

Today I logged on and found people calling for supercapitals > capitals > standard subcap stuff when there was supposed to be a subcap op scheduled. I quickly scouted my new dread home from Pure Blind, where I had had to log after a few hours shooting IAC (yes, that IAC... they're still around apparently) pos in Pure Blind last night. The FC sounded in a hurry, so I was expecting a fight.

We were halfway to Pure Blind when we found out that PL had 5 Red Alliance and Solar Fleet motherships tackled in Geminate and we did the fastest about-face I've ever seen in a capital fleet. We got orders to only shoot the russians and not PL, in a sort of battlefield truce (we have been on the wrong end of similar arrangements before).

Three cynos later we jumped into the fight and started pounding on a hostile nyx, which went down in short order. We had two other motherships warp out and the fifth I never saw, but we also got an aeon and a handful (about 6) of capitals that weren't dead yet.

We lost about three ships, to my knowledge two to russian fighter-bombers and one dreadnaught to a trigger-happy PL titan pilot. There were a few other minor friendly-fire incidents, but all in all we got in and out without any major problems.

In case you're wondering, no, those deadspace and officer mod prices are NOT accurate.

(most of the red is PL)

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