Sunday, March 7, 2010

I win! Also, carebearing

Last month after the first week of epic POS bashing and that fight against evoke/CH/ROL, I somehow ended up with about 160 kills. That's when I found out that my corp had a contest on: Whoever got the most kills, as long as it was over 250, won a fitted gila. So I camped some gates, went on some ops and came out first with 274. Yay me.

That over, and feeling a little skint because I didn't have any way to make money, I moved some carebear shit to Tenal and spent a few days plexing with results as below.


I'll save you the math, that's 1.75 billion in maybe four days.

And now it's back down south to shoot more targets. Goons killed a CH titan a few days ago, so apparently evoke and/or CH are still fighting back for some reason.

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