Sunday, March 28, 2010

IT TS transcription: War details

This is a transcript of the IT teamspeak event in which Molle gave instructions for the new northern war. Original recording can be found here. As follows:

I was counting on 400 to maybe 600 on Teamspeak and there is 2780 (trx note: probably 780, he doesn't say thousands later). So everyone should be on now. Also we are having guest from the outside, a bunch of them. We are currently being broadcast as well on the northern coalition's radio as well, just so you know.

So, let's see. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday are the 3 days you have to prepare yourselves for Thursday. Anyone with half a brain knows exactly where we're going. Anyone with one temple of a brain knows exactly where we're going as well. You will be moving by corporations and as corporations will take care of moving yourself over to where you need to be. You are going to halt in Empire until Thursday.

We are going to be supercapital ops and capital ops with alliance. We have a jump path set up all the way but we are going to take all the capitals in one go or two goes or three goes, something like that. Also capitals, all capitals, you are going. You will be using corporation fuels to move yourself. That means your corporation will fuel you to to get to destination. From there on it is alliance fuel. You are going to go up to... I think it was drone regions. Uh, no. You are not going to the drone regions. _____

All corporations have a corporation op. We are going up to the north. Do not expect to see Delve for about 6 months or so at least. It is going to be a mad dash and mad rush for going to the end goal. It is going to be in the north, the most north you can go, and there are 5 different teams going. We are 1 team, so there are 4 more teams going as well. Expect to see a bunch of blues that you have not seen before whatsoever. Do not be surprised, just go by standings as always.

Now let's see, what else do we have. First base where you can start with to take your corporations and just get into empire, that is Torrinos. That is a given. Move your shit over to Torrinos, start shipping as soon as you can. You have a couple of war declarations so just keep your eyes on that. Move as corporations, move as fast as you can and stash all your stuff in Torrinos, then we will just take stuff up to X-7 when we are done.

I am going to need an alliance jump freighter team with like 10, 15 jump freighters to move some stuff over as well, but I will post about that one.

From the beginning we were in a worse position than we are in right now with goons breaking up in 2 different teams. Goons are apparently breaking into 2 different teams and we will see where those land, so I do not think they are an issue whatsoever. They were not really on our target list either so it doesn't matter.

We have 1 team that is going to go for whatever the goonies have right now. We have one team that is going to go for whatever is in for Pure Blind. We have one team that is going to go for Deklein and Fade. One team is going to for Tribute, one is going to go for Vale and one is going to go for Geminate. That leaves Branch and Tenal, and Branch and Tenal is going to be harrased by a couple entited just to kill their carebearing stuff, nothing major, no important stuff.

The end goal of all this is not to take space. The end goal of this is not to take stations, not to take space, not to take moons. The end goal is simple. It is to break up the NC. If we need to take all theie space to do it then we will do it. If we need to take all their moons to do it then we will do that. Enough pressure and anything buckles, so enough pressure.

FCs, we are going to have target lists listed for you guys in the FC forums. Just to give you an idea, we have 90 technetium moons in range of x-7 so that is going to keep you busy for a month or two.

All titans,all motherships I want you to come up with us. I want you to have jump clones back home for everyone. If you have a bunch of alts and stuff leave an alt behind. Jump clones in Delve or in Fountain where your home is. You can bet your ass something is going to attack down there while we are away. Also, for downtimes when there are no alliance ops whatsoever just use your alts for making some cash. This is going to be a long operation, so that means you are going to have to sort your cash making abilities while we are away. That means making cash on the fly.

The NC are waiting for us. They are not stupid, they should have been ready for a couple of weeks and they have been posting all over saying they are waiting for us. On a more interesting side is that we have 3 different NC entites at the moment speaking to us and trying to make deals behind locked doors without anybody knowing, so stay tuned and see exactly what is happening with that. Two of them are major and one of them is minor so we will see what happens.

Now, if anyone has any questions regarding all this please type if out in IRC and I will get to it.

The 5 different groups are 5 different groups, that is all I'm going to tell you.

And the campaign doesn't have a name. (trx comment: lol ^_^)

This is going to be crashing nodes as much as we can _____. You know how the server is going, there are going to be crashing nodes left and right.

Alliance will be reimbursing capital ships, yes.

Taking over a system in 9 hours is not possible (someone).

Capitals, you are going to go to a different place than Torrinos. You are going to place all your regular ships in Torrinos for now.


Just to clarify, regular ships go to Torrinow. Capitals will be moved by alliance operations. So that's regular ships, just travel up there in corporation groups, park your ships, go back, grab more ships or sort the logistics however you want to.

On Thursday we are going to deploy first operations. We are most likely going to be moving the capitals on Tuesday and Wednesday. Could also be some capitals moved on Thursday, we will see exactly what what time we need to set up for that. It is going to be posted on forums.

And we're up to 850. That means I am going to be expecting 850 on the next alliance operation as well.

Those of you who are going to be on jump freighter operations and can do jump freighters please PM me on forums so I can get you started on where you need to gather up and stuff. We are going to do it here in 1 day on the euro time zone, most likely it is going to be Wednesday, and I need as many as possible because there is a truckload of stuff to move.

Any more questions drop it on IRC please.

We are going to be bringing a couple of our allies with us as well. They will be flying beside us and they will be doing their own operations as well. Exactly how depends on how the blob in the north behaves. We have a set path on how we are going to do it and what we are going to do but any plan that survives first impact does not exist, so.

And I just disconnected from IRC so there is no point trying to give me questions on IRC at the moment. One second.

Alright ladies I am going to open op this channel so that it is not moderated any more. There is 850 of you on here so pleasetake it easy.

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