Saturday, July 24, 2010

Exploration site guides: H-PA Crash Crew

This is the first of a series of guides to exploration sites. These will be published at wide intervals due to the number of times a site must be run to gather meaningful statistics. The wiki is a pretty good resource for this, but is out of date and does not provide statistics.

Normally LADAR sites are gas clouds, but some areas have LADAR hacking sites which provide booster use and manufacturing items such as booster BPC, booster reactions and skillbooks including neurotoxin recovery, nanite control and drug manufacturing. H-PA Crash Crew is one such site, containing 3 to 9 containers which must be accessed with the use of a codebreaker module.

Running the site:

Warping to zero puts you 35 km from the center of the site and the initial spawn, consisting of:

2 energy neutralizing sentries
4 cruise missile batteries
4 elite frigates, 1 of which may warp scramble
4 elite cruisers
5 battleships
Possibly a special spawn, Fusura (cruiser) and/or Isoryn (battleship)

Initial warpin with Fusura spawn

Killing one of the battleships, usually the last, will trigger a second wave consisting of:

3 elite frigates
3 elite cruisers
5 battleships

  • NOTE: There are no gates in this site and it can be done with a carrier, though this would be overkill.
  • NOTE: You do not need to kill any of the ships to hack and open the containers.
  • NOTE: I have never seen the second wave contain a special spawn.
  • NOTE: The energy neutralizing turrets have a maximum range of approximately 45 KM.
  • NOTE: This site drops the nanite control skillbook fairly often, which is generally worth 200-270 million.
  • NOTE: The Fusura special spawn can drop a gila BPC (VERY rarely), medium dread guristas loot such as smartbombs and railguns, and drug manufacturing items such as booster reactions and booster BPC. Isoryn can drop large dread guristas items and drug manufacturing items. Presumably it is possible for Isoryn to drop a rattlesnake BPC, though I have never seen this happen.
  • NOTE: The contract market for booster BPC is extremely weak. Try the 'narcotics' channel or player Serenianus, who may be interested in buying them in bulk.
  • Note: Only the three cans which always spawn can contain skillbooks. The rest only have booster BPC, and are also much harder to hack so you may want to ignore them.


Number of times run: 31

Average value of drops: 108 million

Number of containers:
3 containers: 4
4 containers: 7
5 containers: 7
6 containers: 7
7 containers: 2
8 containers: 2
9 containers: 2

Special spawn frequency:
No special spawn: 21
Fusura: 7
Isoryn: 3

EDIT 2010-8-2: It is possible to get a 'perfect' spawn: 9 containers, fusura and isoryn.

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