Sunday, July 25, 2010

Outnumbered, not outgunned

Having recently finished training heavy assault ships I got into an armor hac gang for the first time today, flying an ishtar because I don't have amarr or minmatar (for loki) cruiser 5 yet. In armor hac fleets the ishtar is a support ship, its' 5 mid slots allowing it to fit two points and two remote ECCM modules while offensive capabilities are limited to autocannons, light drones and sentries.

Ishtar fitting for my skills

Razor is traditionally weak in logistics but we seem to be improving that, pulling 12 guardians out of 80 in fleet. Everything in atlas space near our staging system had already fail cascaded so we headed south into providence, where some fighting is taking place in the aftermath of U'K's disbanding-or-whatever. :CCP: was in full effect, causing significant lag just jumping through gates, and we soon encountered a gate with 200 hostiles on the other side.

Jumping through we entered a running fight against the main enemy fleet, mostly primarying enemy battlecruisers. An Initiative drake gang entered the field soon after, bringing numbers to 240 against our 80. Things were a bit laggy, but the system was reinforced and modules cycled well manually.

After jumping in

Spreading modules and damage

Guardians were able to keep us alive without too much trouble and enemy ships which were in range died without a fuss. After over an hour of fighting hostiles left the gate and we started warping around and catching what we could. Eventually the enemy left the system and we headed back to our staging area.


  1. That is interesting. The CCP article made it sound like RAZOR and co. retreated. Nice killboard.

  2. Heh yeah, that made for some amusing commends in alliance chat.

    The ISD guy was in local asking questions for a while. I think he was there to cover the conflict in providence and from that perspective it's not like we accomplished any ~strategic objectives~, but it's certainly the accurate and timely ISD reporting we've come to know and love.