Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Random hotdrop

"Can you move to the left a bit? I'm looting."

-NC titan pilot

Today I was busy doing other things when jabber ping went out for capitals. I was two regions from my dread, but was able to catch up thanks to a friendly cyno carrier. We had a decent fleet for a rushed formup, about 70 caps with 5 titans

Jumping to l4x in geminate, where some NC entites are apparently making a push, we landed on a busy grid which included a small drone lands coalition capital fleet. Dreads went on carriers and titans were assigned to doomsday enemy dreads. Red and blue subcapital fleets were on the field, and after cleaning up the enemy caps we started taking down battleships. The fight didn't result in a huge number of kills (except for a successful bombing run by the enemy), but it was good fun.

After jumping in

Starting on the subcapitals


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