Monday, July 12, 2010

Roadtrip politics

Over the last few days I've gotten in on a few small roams, no interesting kills. Trying to get a handle on the political situation it looks as though PL, goons and several NC alliances are in the area, all running individual for-fun campaigns but keeping the batphones operational for supercap and CSAA kills. Most of the alliances are blue to us, the exception being PL who have a temp-nap system which we have made good use of in the past and I trust to work. A number of Morsus Mihi and sev3rance (MM guest) as well as razor pilots have appeared on killmails of supercaps that PL tackled.

Things thus far have not been going entirely well for atlas. Three or four of their renter alliances have fail cascaded, as have their allies Cult of War and Gentleman's Club. However, atlas isn't really a target we can kill; even if we were to take all their space, which we can't, they've survived that before. They also aren't the only enemy -- the SC seems to be back together, pulling 600 pilots today, including some IT, to defend an Initiative CSAA pos which had been reinforced. Command elected to blueball due to dominion lag even though our numbers were 250-400 -- not bad odds when that number includes PL.

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