Monday, July 5, 2010


(n) An operation in which all structures in an area are reinforced and killed as quickly as if there were no resistance.

(v) The act of conducting a hellpurge.

We're been running nearly-nonstop capital and subcapital ops for around five days. The Cry Havoc station has been taken by FCON, an ex-providence alliance, and all enemy structures in the target area destroyed -- about 60 towers, including those belonging to ROL, Ev0ke and CH pets, as well as 7 TCU. The enemy formed up a few times, apparently once with 8 supercarriers and 150 subcaps, but it never turned into a fight.

We've also been taking out a few Ev0ke towers in lowsec, and they actually showed up to try and defend a few times. We didn't catch their repping carriers and there wasn't a real fight, but I did volley an enemy battleship with my dreadnaught. It turned out to have no tank and a single shield EM resist rig....

Fortunately there are now reliable rumors we'll be going on a roadtrip soon, which should be interesting.

Gratuitous drone blob

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  1. hey i'm with FA - did not come for the CTA but saw the vid