Thursday, July 22, 2010

Gankers Are Bad People

I've been seeing this assertion a lot lately, people declaring that those who kill innocent miners or mission-runners are immoral, evil or even real-life sociopaths. And it pisses me off.

Part of the reason it annoys me is that although the accusation makes no sense in the context of eve, it's easy to see how people could buy into it: killing somebody's internet spaceship makes them sad, and making people sad on purpose means you are a bad person. Right?

Let's take that to an extreme then. Let us say that an alliance leader starts a war, destroying thousands of ships and seizing or destroying hundreds of billions of isk worth of assets. If we consider a player who ganks a hulk to be a bad person then this alliance leader, who has ruined the internet spaceship lives of hundreds of people, clearly has the morals of a genocidal maniac.

That sounds stupid so I'm going to make some assertons:

1. Spaceships being blown up is part of eve.
2. Generally, nobody likes having their spaceship being blown up.

If we accept those, then it's time to ask a question of the people who whine about gankers: What is so damn special about your particular spaceship that having it blown up gives you the right to pass moral judgment on people who are playing the game and having fun?

I don't see there being an answer to that which would change my mind, so the issue is resolved to my satisfaction. Thus, in order to ameliorate my annoyance, I resolved to gank a hulk in highsec for every time I was irritated by people whinging about griefers.

[17:43:48] Eifi > are you crazy??
[17:45:15] Eifi > stupid fuckkers
[17:45:44] Eifi > i need to kill hulk in highsec cause my dick is too small !!!
[17:45:49] Eifi > ttsss

And it was d-lishous.

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