Sunday, July 18, 2010

Living here is why we can have nice things

0.0 is where the money is.

Living there is hard, though. You need to fight to survive, and wars will interrupt your carebear activities for months on end. You will die repeatedly for no good reason.

But the isk. Even if you aren't at all interested in fighting, moving out here is worth it even with the wars. One hundred million per hour on a bad day, billion isk drops on a good one. This is why we get to fly capitals and supercapitals, why we can afford to bring machariels on roams. Put in the time and effort, and 0.0 will generate such an excess of isk that you too will be able to afford shiny things. I use the surplus to invest in making even more isk -- I want a titan someday.
That is all.


  1. Are you making the 100mil per hour ratting? I have found Anomalies to pay off more around 25 million an hour. I seem to miss fancy officer spawns with bad luck!

  2. I plex for income, and it rarely comes out below 100m/h. I'm also told by corpmates that running anomalies in a carrier can be worth 100m/h, which is probably a more accessible occupation.