Sunday, November 28, 2010

Answers to some searches which brought people here

I use a widget to track visitors so that I can assess my self-worth on a daily basis. It also tells me what search terms people use to get here, and sometimes people are looking for things that I have never answered but can or would like to. Thus, this post.

"number of supercarriers in eve"

1350 and growing fast

"eve "CR Battleships" "

A CR battleship is a close-range battleship. This means it uses pulse lasers or autocannons. Gallente "CR" BS will usually use 350mm rails because blasters have inadequate range. Caldari do not have fleet ships.

"dps supercarrier"


"chimera gurista sanctum setup"

It's a damn carrier. Slap on a capital repper, fit it cap stable and you're ready to go. Really ~elite~ carrier-failures will use mods such as drone control units, target painters, drone navigation computers and auto-targeters.

"Eve Is a chimera worth training for?"

No, no, no, no and no. You want to dock up for a few hours and seriously re-evaluate your training plan.

Minmatar have dual rep types and rep amount bonus. Unless you're doing pve or using triage mode to support subcapitals everything else is shit. Helpful hint: You will never use triage mode to support subcapitals, and if you do they will not be shield tanked.

"Best wyvern fit sanctum"

1. You trained caldari.
2. You are thinking about using a supercarrier to run sanctums.
3. Go kill yourself.

"Build price ragnarok titan"

50 billion

"eve online widot thread"

After Atlas and pets kicked WI out of geminate, people kept bringing up WI on CAOD. "WI are terribad," that sort of thing. For an ~elite pvp~ alliance to spend months mocking an alliance with no space is somewhere between funny and sad, so WI picked up on this and a new meme was born.

Today, of course, atlas and all their pets are dead and WI is doing fine.

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